Competitions Calendar


Go look at the following sites (*) for further information

* S.A.T.D.  -  Society of Australian Teachers of Dancing

11th March - March Titles

29th April - Senior/Masters Titles

14th July - Southern Highland Titles
5th August - Cardiff Titles
9th September - Australian Championships & A.D.B. Worlds Selection
2nd December - Christams Tiltes

* F.A.T.D. - The Federal Association of Teachers of Dancing (Australia)

25th March - Autumn Festival

23rd & 24th June - National Dancesport Championships

22nd & 23rd September - South Pacific Dancesport Championships
18th November  - Sydney Olympic Park Dancesport Fiesta


If you want us to advertise your competition or anyone knows of a competition,

that they may like to let us know about, please send us an email

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